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The powerful relationship between GOODE'S WINNING INDEX AND A TEAM'S WON/LOST RECORD is pictured below.

The top 2 teams in each division are meat for the money games. Examples: The Saints were tabbed in the very early season to go to the Super Bowl facing the Colts. Note the Saints in the NFC SOUTH have the league's strongest stat profile on both INDEX and SCORING DIFFERENTIAL (WINNING MARGIN) at the very top of the list with a 100 PERCENTILE ranking.

The AFC NORTH's Colts' stat profile on the INDEX and WINNING MARGIN pictures a PERCENTILE RANK OF 91 and 89. Not a perfect 100% linkage but close.

How will the draft and FA trades help the 12 middle teams still striking for their shot at the 2010 PLAYOFFS? According to FORBES buisness magazine's annual review of team franchise value, if a team makes it to the playoffs after a year of absence any small improvement which gets them a playoff spot adds $50 mil to the team's value.

This is more than pocket change and worth fighting for.

Bud Goode

Winning Margin and Goode's Winning Index

Percentile Charts     100=Stongest   50=Average   0=Weakest      

2018 Season, YTD through Week 6

NFC East
NFC North
NFC West
NFC South
AFC East
AFC North
AFC West
AFC South

Goode's Winning Index and Winning Margin Correlation

Playoff teams, by definition, are made up of the 8 divisional leaders plus 2 wild card teams from each conference.

These charts picture two stats: 1) the key Winning Margin (scoring differential) in BLUE and 2) our new featured stat, Goode's Winning Index, in RED.

If a team is strong on Goode's Winning Index (RED) it is almost always strong on Winning Margin (BLUE).

The 4 teams in each divisional graph are sorted from strong to weak. To follow your favorite team's playoff hopes check your graph each week. Early in the season you will be the first kid on the block to make an educated guess -- will your team make the playoffs?

These two stats are linked (math experts call this a "correlation" because it measures the association between any two stats). If the linkage is close the red and blue bars will be the same length. If they are perfectly matched (percentile bar graphs are of equal size) then the linkage is perfect.

In the Percentile Charts above it is clear that the divisional leaders are almost always strong on both stats.

Bud Goode

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