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       "The Number 1 Name for Statistical Analysis in Sports"

Bill Sanders

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Bud Goode

Press Articles about Bud Goode (NY Times, WSJ, Sports Ill, etc...)

Bud Goode has been analyzing sports stats since 1959. His work has been honored by the American Statistical Association as the pioneering work in Statistics in Sports.

  • His statistical model of the NFL has been used by 21 of the 31 (now 32) NFL teams and over 40 coaches. In a recent year, both Super Bowl teams were clients.
  • Bud Goode's syndicated column has appeared in 36 metro newspapers, including the NY Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, etc.
  • Bud Goode has appeared as an expert analyst on national radio and TV.

Bud Goode is dedicated to improving educational opportunities for underprivileged youths in the areas of math and statistics. He serves as a volunteer teacher at Belmont High School (largest inner-city school in Los Angeles). Teaching statistics based on sports, Bud Goode's teaching colleague, Jim Herrman and 4 of his students have won national achievement awards in the recent years.

Teachers interested in reaching kids through sports can contact Bud at

Bud Goode Team Members

Bill Sanders received his PhD in Physical Chemistry from The Pennsylvania State University. His area of interest is computer simulations of collisions in supersonic molecular beams. His recent work has been in both the business end and content side of the book and software publishing industry. He was editor for chemistry and earth sciences, Chapman and Hall, editor for computer science and engineering with IEEE Computer Society and senior editor, computer science at Springer-Verlag. Dr. Sanders' association with Bud Goode began many years ago when Bill worked at BMDP Statistical Software in Los Angeles as Director of Sales and Marketing. Dr. Sanders does internet development, programming and content management in addition to his consulting practice in corporate education and training. He has been developing and programming websites since 1994.

Peter Mundle has been working with Bud Goode for nearly 30 years. Pete has written the bulk of the code Bud uses in his football statistical research and production work. Originally written in Fortran for mainframe computers and ported to PCs when they became powerful enough to run the calculations, this suite of over 30 programs is the backbone of Bud's work. Pete is a graduate of the University of Oregon where he received both BA and MA degrees in Mathematical Statistics. Pete has also done post-graduate study at the London School of Ecomonics and UCLA. He was one of the original programers of the Biomed Statistical Software Package--the world's first such software program. Biomed went on to become BMDP Statistical Software, know the world over as the most reliable statistical software. Bud used the Biomed software when he worked for George Allen of the LA Rams and this is where Pete and Bud met. They have been close associates ever since.

Jon Richards has been a computer programmer/engineer since 1986. He received his BS degree in electrical and computer engineering in 1985. He is an expert in client/server technologies, C#/C++/C/PHP/PERL programming as well as embedded development. Jon is a senior software engineer at SETI, using radio astronomy and computer software techniques to listen for extra terrestrial signals.

Paul Wong graduated from California State Polytechnic University at Pomona in 1983 with a degree in Computer Science. Paul has 17 years programming experience ranging from IBM and UNIVAC Mainframes (1980s) to UNIX and Windows NT/2000. Paul has extensive work experience in Windows User Interface development using Visual C++, Microsoft SQL database, and web technologies. Recently, Paul has been working as senior Software Engineer for ERICSSON Inc. in Brea, California. Currently, he is working on a Call Center Management Web Reporting project. Paul and Dr. Sanders were colleagues at BMDP Statistical Software in Los Angeles. Paul meet Bud Goode through Dr. Sanders and Bud introduced him to his ideas of applying statistics to sports. Paul developed Bud Goode's first Windows-based program for statistics in football. At that time, the Green Bay Packers were Bud's client and we used our football program to help them get to the NFL championships.